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Hotels vs. Vacation Rentals

Which is better for you?

When it comes to taking a family vacation, there are always so many decisions to make: where you’ll go, how you’ll get there, what you’ll do when there, where to eat, where to shop, what to see and do. But most often, after settling the “where are we going” issue, the next question is always, “where will we stay?”

Up until recently, many families first thought hotels, for the obvious reason: they’re everywhere. And while there are many benefits to staying in hotels, due to an uptick in private homes opening themselves to traveling families, renting a vacation home is becoming the clear leader in the hotels versus vacation rentals debate.

Sure, convenience is important. But now more vacation rentals are available in places you and your family want to be, that point is moot.

But what about a feeling of togetherness? And affordability? And space for you and yours to stretch out a bit?

When framed in these terms, it’s clear that vacation rentals become the superior place to stay for any group, from small families looking for a bit more privacy in their vacation lodging, all the way up to extended families wanting to have a great time making memories on vacation together.


Hotels or Vacation Rentals?

Below, we’ve outlined several more important reasons we think renting a vacation home is the clear winner when comparing hotels vs vacation rentals:


Looking for Leg Room?

You ever try to cram a family of four into a hotel room? Or more? With only 325 feet to share on average, most hotel rooms feel more like a sardine can. However, the average vacation home gives you and yours more than 1,300 ft to really stretch out in style.


A Penny Saved...

When vacationing with the family, things can get expensive. That’s why vacation home rentals are a much better value. Factor in the cost of eating out three times a day vs. a vacation home with its own full size kitchen, and the day charge to park your car, and a vacation home rental just makes dollars and sense.


The Price is the Price

Furthermore, booking with Latitude8 means you’ll know exactly what your stay will cost and include. There are no hidden fees or extra charges for things that should be included: internet, pool towels, bottled water, etc.


Four-legs are Family

MOST OF THE RENTALS you’ll find on Latitude8 roll out the welcome mat for man’s best friend. And while some hotels will accommodate your four-legged friends, finding one near your ultimate destination with the amenities your family deserves can be like finding a needle in a haystack. When you factor in the extra cost, shoddy maintenance, and locations in less-than-desirable parts of the building, and a vacation home just makes more sense for your favorite fur ball.


King of the Castle

At a hotel, you’re always beholden to the hotel’s schedule—not yours. Whether you want to come a little early, or stay a little late, want to take a swim or go to the gym in the middle of the night, or just want to avoid the loud knocks of housekeeping every day, you’re at the mercy of the environment. Not so at your vacation home rental. Sleep in as long as you like, have breakfast whenever YOU want, have a drink by the pool in the middle of the night—anything you like when you’re holding the keys.


Do Not Disturb

For people who like to keep to themselves, and people who like peace and quiet, most hotels simply do not do. From adventurous newlyweds or a colicy baby next door, to that creepster who won’t stop staring at you from across the public hot tub, when it comes to hotels vs vacation rentals, there really is no comparison.  


Your Home Away from Home

One of the best reasons to book a vacation home is that it comes with all the things you have at your house: a full-size kitchen with all the bells and whistles, dishes to eat from, board games, movies, and books, washer and dryer, and more, making your stay that much easier and affordable.


The More We Get Together

The simple fact of the matter is that hotel rooms (ahem!—and room rates) just aren’t possible for big families or groups. The expense of having to book multiple rooms to accommodate everyone coupled with having to eat every meal out quickly chews up all the money you have budgeted for fun. However, when the whole group stays under one roof and cooks meals together, it’s much easier to afford the kinds of adventures that make vacations unforgettable.